'Blackheart are taking the acoustic scene by storm...'


                                                                                                                    - BBC RADIO

One of the hardest working live bands on the live circuit, Blackheart are taking the acoustic scene by storm.

Their music and unique sound defy categorisation, combining acoustic instruments and the haunting voice of Chrissy Mostyn with effects, atmospherics and electroncia to create a unique blend of acoustic pop. Their highly personal songs are flavoured with piercingly sharp observations, beautifully crafted lyrics and powerfully driven melodies which, as Australia's Western Star commented. ''Take their audiences from uplifting to heartbreaking in a single song.

Blackheart have performed headlining concerts throughout the UK, Europe, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand since their formation in 2008 and have also become a firm favourite support act, opening for such acts as Peter Andre, Stackridge, Eve Selis, The Fruey's and Canadian icon Jane Siberry.