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'Scotland's leading singer/songwriter...'


                                                                        - Glasgow Herald

​Scotland is famed the world over for it's exports and one of it's finest has to be singer-songwriter Carol Laula. With "a style which bobs around somewhere between the sweet, clear delicacy of Joni Mitchell and the tougher edges of Joan Armatrading", it's hardly surprising that she's risen from a young unknown to become a household name. She first captivated the media and her audience in 1990, when her independent single, "Standing Proud" was chosen to represent Glasgow in its year of culture. But Scotland isn't the only country lucky enough to play host to the Paisley Born performer.


Carol has a massive fanbase that stretches to every corner of the globe. During the '90s, she toured Asia and Europe, collecting fans and souvenirs along the way, before appearing on stage in at New York's famous Carnegie Hall and showcasing her angelic tones on the stateside circuit. The same decade saw Carol team up with Stuart Adamson to produce a series of songs that will no doubt be seen as a legacy to the talent of the late Big Country singer / songwriter. Carol has also collaborated with Jane Weidlin of the Go-Gos, Ryan Hedgecock of Lone Justice and Australia's Cheryl Beattie.


Despite releasing seven albums - "Still", "Precious Little Victories", "Naked", "First Disciple", "To Let", "Kitchen Stories" and her most recent "Answers in the Mirror" - Carol still finds the time to tour extensively, treating her fans worldwide to a voice and repertoire that can move even the hardest heart.  Although her albums capture her incredible tone and clarity, it's when you see her perform live that you truly appreciate the depth and range of her talent. ​

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