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'A gifted singer in her own right, A classy set of blues rock..'


                                                                                                                                       - Classic Rock

Born in Worcestershire, the younger sister of the late John and Michael Bonham. Deborah was only five when John joined Led Zeppelin, and this powerful introduction sparked in her the overwhelming desire to write and perform.

​A blistering live set adds to the magic of Deborah Bonham and suggests that this is a band that must be seen and hear live. Deborah is backed by her superb band featuring Peter Bullick (guitar), Ian Rowley (bass), Gerard Louis (keyboards) and Rich Newman (drums), guaranteed to raise the roof wherever they go.​



Having a direct connection to one of rock music's all time greatest bands plus an association with the likes of Paul Rodgers, Deborah and her music has great appeal to the classic rock and blues crowd. Currently promoting her new album Spirit, 'The Duchess of Blues Rock' is available for dates across the UK and Europe.​

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