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A b o u t

Music has always been one of my great passions in life and one which has only continued to grow since my first steps into the professional music scene.​​​


"I believe in building a close relationship with artists, management and venues without the involvement of too many third parties and keeping unnecessary costs out of the picture" 

​​While I don't front touring costs and expenses, I do assist management and performers in making a tour affordable, cost effective and ultimately profitable in an industry which is known to lose money in the wrong places! Some artists have been told that touring is an impossibility for them, but that is no barrier for me. If an artist has a fan-base, then there is always a gig to be found!


There are too many horror stories of ruthless agents and tour promoters taking advantage of hard working musicians and performers.




With each artist, I carefully choose the right types of venues and plan a tour with sensible routing, taking into account the performers needs and wishes in order to get the best out of them and the venues in which they perform. 


I have an extensive knowledge of UK and international venues of varying size and capacities having toured many of them both as a musician and as a regular concert go-er.

  "The audience pay to see a particular performer and that performer should be the one to reap the financial reward. I work hard to ensure they get the lion's share of the show profits"


My working method has always produced great results for performers and audiences alike and created long lasting associations with artists and venues that continue to develop and progress with each year.

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